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Holiday Greetings

Dear A.R.T., Inc. Members,


Thank you to A.R.T., Inc. members for all that you made possible this past year.


In January, we hosted the online Members’ Show “New Beginnings.”  The six members who kicked off the solo exhibitions in February/March were Elinor Cheung, Pat Doyne, Bob Icenogle, Ann Maloney-Mason, Wenonah Washington, and Catherine Win.   


In April, the juried online exhibition “For Art’s Sake” awarded cash prizes to Azar Vahgefi, Debra Collins, Ron Rigge, Carol Jones Brown, Rita Sklar, and Chandana Srinath. Paul Kratter was the judge. Winifred and Gerald Thompson gave cash prizes to Ann Maloney-Mason and Debra Collins. April/May online solo artists included Attila Cziglenyi, Larry Lagin, Anna Kim, Hetal Anjaria, Larry White and Sheila White


In May, A.R.T., Inc. gave $800 in cash awards to six Castro Valley High students: in Traditional Media, Lola Reed, Charlie Pace, and Tiffany Ho; in Digital Media, Dominique Mallari, Maryann Strand, and Malik Shumpert. Winners were chosen by the CVHS staff.


 In July, A.R.T., Inc. participated in the online “Climate Change: Love and Compassion for our Planet” exhibit along with Sun Gallery and Hayward Arts Council. We also hosted our 7th online exhibit, “Bouncing Back.”  June/July solo exhibitors were Rosa Bazzani, Molly Dolly, Deborah Gallegos, Renee Kelly, Sarah Thomas, and John To.  In August/September,  the new slate of six were: Stella Chen, Ellen King, Jill Kneeter, Norma Robinson, Usha Shukla, and Gerald Thompson.


In September and October, A.R.T., Inc. held its “Art on the Rebound” exhibit in the Adobe Gallery. When entries were taken down, the exhibit could still be viewed online. October/November solo exhibitors were Debra Collins, Richard Geiger, Natalie Juntz, Hilary Liu, Winifred Thompson, and Azar Vaghefi


In addition to art exhibits, A.R.T., Inc. offered free Zoom workshops by Zoya Scholis¸ Julie Cohn¸ Kazumi Cranney, Luanna Leisure, and Debra Collins. We finished the year with a holiday party at Azar Vaghefi’s house.


In 2022, we look forward to more good times with Artists Relaxing Together.


Your 2021 Executive Board,

Pat Doyne, President

Winifred Thompson, Vice President

Molly Dolly, Secretary

Richard Geiger, Treasurer

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