Ann Maloney-Mason

Ann Moloney-Mason.png

Ann Maloney-Mason was born in Ireland. Since coming to the United States, she has lived in California. She worked for many years as a

graphic designer before concentrating on her painting. Ann has a strong sense of color and pattern. She works mostly in acrylic and ink and finds inspiration all around.


Ann says, “If you have ever been to Ireland, I’m sure you’ve heard the question ‘Will you have a cuppa tea?’ Ireland runs on tea! 


This series of paintings was inspired by the fact that since covid, I have not been able to have friends or family over to visit. I love to have tea parties with my friends and I really miss it. 


The paintings of my teacups, whilst idle at the moment, are symbols of hope that very soon we’ll be sipping tea and reconnecting with friends

and family.”


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