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Free Demo

We Had A Wonderful Time!


Artwork From Participants

A.R.T., Inc. Online Art Demo: Members and friends only

Artist: Julie Cohn


Saturday, April 10, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:30pm


Please email for registration by April 8


Beneath the Surface


I started this series with the idea of finding emerging abstracted forms by using a tool that scrapes the surface of the paper while the paint is wet. My relationship to nature and seeking of a connection to it is what evolved for me. Imagination and memories of that feeling of “awe” when I view nature is what keeps me inspired and creating every day.



  • 140 Arches Cold Press paper, with the bumpy side facing upward (or a finer watercolor paper)

  • Tube watercolor paints

  • A large palette or plates for mixing color

  • Medium sized Flat and/or round brushes

  • Bendable library card or the equivalent (use light weight, bendable cutting surfaces from Dollar Stores)

  • Board to place under watercolor paper

  • Masking Tape to use as a border around your paper

  • Three containers for water

  • Paper towels

  • Flat sponge made moist

Jonathan Julie looking back 2020.jpg



Julie was born in Burlingame, California and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all of her life. At ten years old, she discovered her passion for art. After sending Julie's two older siblings off to college, her mother, Barbara Cohn, took out her own dusty art materials and inspired Julie to paint.


Having extensive classical training in drawing and painting at U.C. Berkeley, where she received her Bachelor of Arts, and California College of the Arts, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Julie has painted subjects from observation for many years. In most of her current work, she chooses to cull from her memory bank of images to depict subliminal worlds that emerge abstractly, revealing her strong connection to nature and humanity. She paints in her beautiful art studio and gallery in Berkeley, CA. An art instructor, in her studio for over 30 years and at the College of Marin for over 23 years, she enjoys helping others to find and develop their own creativity. She has juried numerous art shows and sells her instructional DVDs internationally.


The paintings of Julie Cohn have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits in the United States, including the Akron Museum, Ohio; the Redding Museum Redding, California; the Elizabeth S. Fine Museum, San Francisco, California; the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Marin, California: and Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, California. Her artwork is included in many private collections, the Alameda County Art Commission public collection, and is published in American Art Collector.

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