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Chandana Srinath

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Chandana Srinath was born and raised in Bangalore, India. She has Masters in Physical Therapy and  Masters in HCA. She has great passion for Art and Cooking. She was inspired by her mother, Mrs. Leela  Srinath, who was an artist and a great cook herself. She was fascinated towards various folk art from India.  It gives her immense pleasure in creating an art form that is being forgotten and losing its luster. This  passion of hers helped a lot in her personal life and professional life. 

Her curiosity began when she was a child watching her mother use natural materials to make colors. Her  mother used dried grass and bamboo fiber for brushes. Learned various forms of folk art from people doing  this art for generations. The Art itself showcases nature, people’s lifestyle, mythological figures and Gods.  Chandana learned these Art forms from her Mother and Grandmother.  

She has been an active participant at various Art Leagues and Galleries. She also started to learn fusion  and abstract art with a touch of Folk Art. Her goal is to spread this art form within the communities and to  the global population. She has won several awards at various exhibits.,

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