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            On Saturday, 2/13, Zoya Scholis  demonstrated  watercolor techniques via Zoom from her home in Seaside.  Zoya  showed a group of about 30 online viewers a fresh approach to creating whimsical still life paintings.


            Zoya started by introducing her materials.  She recommends paint tubes by DaVinci, and squirrel hair brushes by Isabey in both round and flat points. For masking, she uses Green Frog Tape, the widest possible.  Mr. Clean makes good erasers, and the silica packets that come in bottles and shoe boxes can be used in place of rock salt for mottled backgrounds. Zoya prefers 140 lb. cold press Arches paper.  She buys travel-sized spray bottles for color areas.


            Using an overhead camera, Zoya showed us, step, by step, how to mask her watercolor paper.  She taped three lengths of Green Frog Tape to a gridded board. Then she made random cuts, lines, and swirls with an Exacto Knife, and began applying the shapes to paper. Her goal was a composition that was strong no matter which way you turned the paper.  She also used other stencils--   webbing from produce packages, circular plastic lids, and stencils she cut out of tagboard.  Then she squirted “a dime” of color into a bottle, added ¼ cup of water, and began spraying.  When it felt right, she began removing tape, spraying again, and adding salt (or silica).  Soon the paper was too wet, and she had to pause and wait.


            Then came the defining work. Zoya darkened areas with a Sharpie, accentuated shapes with Prismacolor watercolor pencils, deepened the background by adding color with a flat brush, and generally painted in negative space.


            While her samples were drying, Zoya showed us some of her art work.  After the workshop, she took us out on the deck, where she paints in good weather.   She talked about her workshops ( and invited us to be on the mailing list for a newsletter she produces 4 or 5 times a year. We can contact her at  Zoya has been doing workshops for about 15 years, and loves helping people appreciate their uniqueness through art.  Says Zoya, “It’s their humanity shining through.” 

Patricia Doyne

A.R.T., Inc. President

Artworks from Participants

A.R.T., Inc. Online Art Demo: Members and friends only


Artist: Zoya Scholis,


1. Saturday, February 13th, 2021, 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm.


2. Please email for registration by Feb 10.


3. Participants will need : 

  • watercolor tubes, any yellow, red & blue

  • watercolor paper

  • Green frog tape

  • 3- small(travel size) misting spray bottles

  • scissors


Self-published a Blurb book about this technique. It’s $24.99 


An easy and fun approach to watercolor. Fresh exercises give you confidence to jump in. With an emphasis on whimsical still life, Zoya will demonstrate her award winning technique for watercolor, as we will review: • Composition • Masking • Color Layering•

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