Collaboration at its Finest

Baywood Court
Retirement Center

21966 Dolores Street

3rd Floor Gallery

Al Murdach, Curator

(Locations below closed due to COVID-19)

Castro Valley Library

3600 Norbridge Ave.
Ann Maloney-Mason, Curator

Kenneth Aitken Senior Community Center

17800 Redwood Rd.

Bev Lindsay, Curator

Adobe Art Gallery

Exhibit Dates: April 28 ~ July 31, 2021

Many thanks to Paul Kratter for selecting and critiquing the winning pieces of this exhibition.

June - July Online Solo Exhibitions

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Artwork From Board Members
Richard Geiger

Storm Wave Watercolor

Carol Jones Brown

Ersatz Catz Acrylic 24" x 30" $500

Molly Dolly

Beautiful Dreamer Acrylic 36" x 24" $400 Unframed

Pat Doyne

Broad Leaf Cattails Watercolor Available as a giclee print

Anna Kim

Harmony Acrylic on canvas 24" x 36"

Bev Lindsay

Boulder Design Watercolor 22" x 28" $280 Matted & Framed

Al Murdach

Friends Graphite 11" x 13" $30

Ruey Lin Syrop

Wedge-tailed Shearwater Photography 12" x 18" $45 Unframed

Wenonah Washington

Magic Colors Collage, Paper, Paint 12" x 22" $100

Winifred Thompson

Cuban Bananas Photography 8" x 11" NFS

Usha Shukla

Delphinium Oil on canvas 24" x 24" NFS

Valerie Snart

Harlequin Neckpiece Woven Beads 9" x 9" (approx) $175