Jill Kneeter


I was born and raised in Chicago and migrated west over time, always finding a way to do art. In my professional life as a Speech-Language Pathologist in rehabilitation facilities, I worked with people with communication and cognitive disorders, strokes, Parkinson’s, and traumatic brain injuries. Brains and their individuality have always fascinated me.

Fast forward to today, where painting is my work and I am still fascinated with the beauty and the mystery of those tiny brain cells, all they can do and the devastation their loss can produce. Looking at brain cell images on the internet their physical beauty is striking. What isn’t apparent is their immense power. This series is the result of a lifetime of reflecting on that and an attempt to express the awe I feel at the complexity of these tiny cells.

What I have produced are not mirror images of brain cells; that got left behind somewhere. These are the flashes of exploration and imagination that happen when I sit with paint, paper, and the time to experiment. My hope is that these watercolors with their scribbling of gouache, Tombow and Micron pens will intrigue you and make you puzzle over the complexity and mystery of our creative minds.

Contact: jillkneeter-art@sbcglobal.net 

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