Larry Lagin


Larry Lagin is a retired scientist who worked on two of the world’s largest nuclear fusion research projects at Princeton Plasma Physics and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

Since retiring in 2014, Larry has taken drawing and painting classes at the UC Berkeley Extension. In 2018, he completed their Post Baccalaureate certificate program in Visual Arts specializing in painting. Now, he is a resident artist and has a studio at the Bothwell Arts Center in Livermore. 


Larry has shown his work at shows and art fairs in Livermore and throughout the Bay area. “I devoted most of my scientific career trying to recreate the energy of the stars – essentially trying to tame nature by creating order out of chaos. And so, I also do it with my art – with the energy and untamed chaos I use in many strokes of the brush, seeking and eventually searching for order. There’s nothing like the pursuit of creative exploration and discovery that I find from both.” 

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