Usha Shukla


I create abstract paintings that distill the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement of nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references.

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed walks along the Indian countryside, taking in the beauty nature had to offer. Twenty years ago, I moved to California, a place so different from my native land. I felt out of place and disoriented. That is when I began to take sanctuary in nature. Today, when outdoors, I still feel the same breath of fresh air that I felt in my childhood and my past and present become one. My paintings are the representation of a harmonious balance of my subconscious landscape and the physical world.


With a thought-out color palette and my unique process, I start on a journey of creation. When painting, I immerse myself into the process, get into a meditative trance, and let the painting guide me. It is always a balance of letting go and being in control. My head, heart, and hand become one, and something pure and personal happens. Vapor-like shapes appear and disappear on the panel, leaving only traces of the initial layer, like the mere reverberation of amemory.

Contact Information:, Phone: 925.922.1775

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