Catherine Win

Shuk-Ming Catherine Win is a retired, registered nurse who since childhood has loved art and art history. In her early twenties, as a pastime, she learned Lingnan School Chinese brush painting under Mr. William Kan. Then life events occurred. For forty years, she took a hiatus from the brush.

Since retiring from nursing, Catherine has resumed Chinese brush painting. She studies under various Chinese artists: Ms. Aiqin Zhou, Feng Chen, John To, and Kwok-fan Kan. As she explores the many styles of Chinese brush painting, Catherine has returned to the Lingnan School because its free spirited style of painting captivates her. Though the School requires a foundation in traditional technique, the “Xieyi” or freehand style in this School allows an artist to focus not on the object, but rather on the space within and the inspiration that is brought forth. It is the concept of “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

To Catherine, every painting is a transcendental experience. Ms. Win has exhibited with the Oriental Art Association at numerous venues which include the John O’Lague Galleria, John Muir Hospital, and International Day at the San Francisco State University. In her first Solo Exhibition sponsored by the A.R.T.,Inc., Catherine invites viewers to sample the beauty of the Lingnan School of Chinese brush painting.

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