Gerald Thompson

In 1967, after completing Which Road?, a pen and ink drawing, I declared myself an artist. I was 16. My childhood home had inspired me because most of our paintings were created by family members.

In 1974, I received a B.S. in Chemistry from UC Riverside. During 1976–1978, I was a Peace Corps volunteer teaching Chemistry in Kenya. In Africa, my watercolor skills improved as I captured new and exciting subjects. At the end of my assignment, I completed an around the world trip by traveling through Asia to San Francisco.

I was now keen to pursue an art career. I studied Illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and worked as an analytical chemist. Eventually, I was all-in with Chemistry. In 1988, I received a Masters in Chemistry from San Francisco State University. For the next 24 years, I worked in the analytical chemistry and computer software fields.

In 2013, I retired. My loving wife Winnie suggested I build an art studio for our mutual use. Now, we enjoy pursuing our artistic paths together.

I seek to improve my ability to observe my subjects clearly and record impressions creatively. My ability to visualize abstract concepts enable me to achieve unique artistic results.

Contact information:, Phone: 510.581.3162

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