Sara Thomas

Sara first discovered her passion for art when she was in her forties. Her appreciation of art however began many years earlier, when she was in junior high. Having a flair for humor, she used to sneak cartoon-style drawings depicting funny events at school to her best friend. At 18, she shifted her attention to drama, leaving her hometown of Seattle to fly to the “Big Apple,” New York City, where she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She soon found herself successful in a modeling career, and she worked as a playwright, actress, and director in a number of off-Broadway stage productions.. 

In her thirties, her marriage and children became her focus. During this time, she returned to drawing, painting, and writing. Now in the “sunset” of her life, she enjoys spending time with her five grown children and ten grandchildren, and she has more leisure time for artwork. Her forte is black and white pen and ink sketches, and she excels at children’s art, pastel scenes, and portraits. She has won several awards for her artwork, and has published illustrations in the children’s book Switcharoo-a-Roo Who are You? by Yvetta “Doll” Franklin, which is available on Amazon. 

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