Founded in 1984
By Pat Doyne


As 2023 draws to a close, we look back on a busy year for A.R.T., Inc.

AR.T., Inc. held four exhibits. The “Keep Hope Alive” exhibit in the Adobe Art Center ran from Jan. 18 to Feb. 11. The “Welcome Spring!” Show, also in the Adobe, ran from May 15 to June 10.

“Summer Splash” was displayed in the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery in San Ramon from June 30 to July 31. The “Golden Autumn” exhibit in the Adobe ran from Sept. 18 to Oct. 14.

On May 25, A.R.T., Inc. awarded $800 to six Castro Valley High School students. The Digital Awards went to Nidd de toro, Koen Phung, and Charlotte Kong. Traditional Award winners were Agata Fedorowicz, Isabelle Castro and Bri Lee.

On Sept. 30, A.R.T.,Inc. hosted its first Poetry and Music event, chaired by Bruce Roberts. And on Nov. 18, we organized a Holiday Sale in the Redwood Center, chaired by Azar Vaghefi.

Thanks to Demo Chair Winnie Thomson, A.R.T., Inc. offered free demos to the community. Artists included Claudia Gray, Kristen Johnson, Meghana Migratori, Peggy Mauerer, Peggy Milvina and Susan Howell.

We finished the year with a holiday party at Bev Lindsay’s home. Many thanks to all who made this productive year possible.


The first Adobe Gallery show of the new year in will be “New Directions, from Jan. 20 to Feb. 10.

Drop off paintings Mon., Jan. 15, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., or Tues., Jan.16, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Work will be hung, Wed. Jan. 17. The reception and Annual Meeting is Sat, Jan. 20, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The gallery will be open Thurs., Fri., Sat., Jan. 25, 26, 27; Feb. 1,2,3,; Feb, 8,9,10. Pick up work on Sat., Feb. 10, 3:00-6:00 p.m.

First Prize will be $150, Second Prize $75, Third Prize $50, and three Honorable Mention Prizes of $30 each.

The exhibit fee is $15 for one piece and $20 for two pieces. (It’s a good time to pay 2024 A.R.T., Inc. dues.)


An exhibit for the John Muir Health Center in Walnut Creek was voted on at the Dec. A.R.T., Inc. Board Meeting.

It will be held Feb. 22 through April 11, 2025. The theme is “Wellness or Well Being, Life, Nature, Healing,” etc. The work is to be dropped off Sun., Feb. 22 between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. and
hung by the Center staff.

The audience is the Aspen Surgery Center, a day surgery center that also houses administrative offices and is open to the public.

If you’re planning ahead, the maximum size is 30”X 40” and minimum, 16”x20.” The price is not to exceed $1500 a piece. On sales, a 10% donation is required to the hospital auxiliary. The hospital reserves the right to photograph the art for publicity.

Pat Doyne and some of the party goers at A.R.T., Inc.’s Holiday Party, Dec. 16, in Bev Lindsay’s home.


A jubilant reception on Fri., Dec. 1, opened the newly refitted Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center on Redwood Road. A red carpet welcomed guests, left.
The Hayward Area Recreation District General Manager, Jim Wheeler, (right) welcomed guests to the entertainment and festive feast provided by HARD.

There was a poetry reading by Hayward’s Poet Laureate, Bruce Roberts (below), musical entertainment by Aitken Center students: Ann Maloney-Mason left), a band, and a Hula group who are also part of those who attend the Center.



Yayoi Kusama in Paris, below, left. Her show in MoMa, “Infinite Love,” can be seen until Sept. 2024.

“Photos from the Collection,” through Mar. 17, 2024, including more than 50 artists. “How artists have used photos to examine moments of transformation.” Below, right, Reagan Louie, “Beijing, 1987.”


1970 my first teaching gig The Federal Correctional Institute, Lompoc, A pimple On the elbow Of California.

SLAM! EVERY Day One door in front, One behind 
SLAM! Teaching English in THE BIG HOUSE.

Outside the walls, Minimum security camp, Sometime home to Chuck Berry (Johnny been good, Chuck, not so much) And H.R. Haldeman, Nixon’s buddy Back when Congress Had ethics.

Inside, Past steel doors, Guard towers, Barbed wire: my class, A government ugly Room Into which filed Young guys, All in khaki All taking seats Paranoid Against the wall.

A diverse bunch Bank robbers Sat on the right, Draft dodgers on the left, Drug dealers in the back Talking literature, Talking writing, Style, clarity, Organization, Eloquence To people Holding their breath Until parole.

One movie star’s son Wrote about murder: The easiest crime To commit. One L.A. druggy Wrote of his girlfriend, Gone to stardom In his absence. One Santa Cruz pothead Told of smoke blown At J. Edgar Hoover Over a fence In the redwoods.

And all knew poetry, Memorized poetry, Filling the empty time Awaiting transport, Awaiting trial, Rhyming life frozen in a small cell world.

After class The maniacal doors Slammed me out Breathe again!

Bruce Roberts, 2017


President: Pat Doyne

Vice President: Azar

Treasurer: Richard Geiger,

Events Chair: Winnie
Thompson 510-581-3162

Membership Chair, Jay Singh

Newsletter: Editor: Carol Brown

Website; Ariel Chen

Hospitality, Molly Dolly

Members at Large:

Al Murdach, 510-907-0632

Usha Shukla, 925-922-1775,

Chandana Srinath, 510-675-0817

Bev Lindsay, curator, Ken
Aitken Center 510-909-4599

Ann Maloney-Mason, curator,
Castro Valley Library


“Art Basel“ is staged annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Hong Kong and Paris.

This year’s fair was Dec. 8-10, in Miami Beach. It’s an event, where galleries show works by young talents as well as 20th century masters.

It provides a platform for galleries to show and sell their work to buyers, and has gained a large international audience of art spectators and students, as well.

It was started in 1970 in Basel Switzerland.

In our American show, leading galleries from five continents exhibited significant works by masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as the new generation of “emerging stars.”

An example above from one gallery: “The Lake,” is by Vik Muniz, after Tarsal do Amaral, 2023.

THIS IS NOBODY YOU KNOW…but it is the idea of the now infamous “AI” of what the average California couple would look like.


A.R.T., Inc., Board Meeting: Wed., Jan. 3, 2024

Adobe Exhibit: “New Directions,” Jan. 20-Feb. 10. Receiving, Mon, Jan.15. 4:00-6:00 p.m. and Tues., Jan. 16, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Castro Valley Library Exhibit: Susan Sarti, paintings

CV Center for the Arts: Exhibit Room, Dilip Nandwana, paintings. Lobby, Carol Jones Brown, paintings

Kenneth C. Aitken Center: Paintings by Bev Lindsay and Carol Jones Brown


An art reviewer calls the current show at the Met an “Old Master Masterpiece.” That’s because the museum has just opened “Look Again: European Paintings from 1300-1800.”

There are 700 works showing chronologically across 45 galleries.

The exhibit begins with early Renaissance pieces and meanders on up to the work of Goya, seen as a prophet of modern artists.

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